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What you Eat Matters- HOPE

A new Vegan/Plant-Based documentary just came out, so I immediately had to watch it.
It's one of the few that have made me not just shed tears, but really deeply cry.

If you don't know about the cruel, violent and convoluted truth behind Factory Farming and Eating Animals then watch this.
But a bit of a warning- there's some raw slaughterhouse footage.

To be honest though, if seeing the way we prepare our meat disgusts and horrifies us, then I think the real insight to be gained is to stop, ask why & come to the realization that we don't need to and shouldn't eat it in the first place.
Please share this video when/where you can, as that's the only way it will be noticed.

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Good for you Kurtis, very brave of you to post it, I  so hope  for more awareness  from people . How hard can it be? Cheeseburger = slaughter house.


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