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My boys are back! And quirkier than ever...

Love the message of embracing and celebrating our multidimensionality.. And holy cow, the visuals are amazing. You might like this @Stickyflames ? 


You can call me artist (artist)
You can call me idol (idol)
No matter what you call me
I don’t care
I’m proud of it
I’m free
No more irony
Cuz I was always me

They point fingers at me
But I don’t care at all
Whatever the reason for your criticism is
I know what I am
I know what I want
I never gon’ change
I never gon’ trade

Keep on chit-chatting, saying this and that
I do what I do, so you do you
You can’t stop me lovin’ myself!

FACE OFF, just like John Woo, ay
Top star with that spotlight, ay
Sometimes like a superhero
I'm your Anpanman
24 hours isn’t enough
Can’t afford to be confused
I do my thang
I love myself

I love myself, I love my fans
Love my dance and my what
There are hundreds of me’s inside of me
I welcome a new me again today
It’s all me anyway
So instead of worrying, I’m just gonna run
Runnin’ man

I’m so fine wherever I go
Sometimes I find the longest way around
It’s okay, I’m in love with my-my myself
It’s okay, I’m happy in this moment


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Finally watched this, then came here and saw my name tagged. Love them. Been into them all week.


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