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PLANET VEGAN - An Old and Mature Soul Invitation

A trailer for a new documentary that will help change the world to a better place for all Earthlings.

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I cried watching this. I'm definitely committed to veganism, more than ever.

We'll get there.

Like... literally everything we have assumed is all life can be (carnism, political factions, consumerism, capitalism, money, fossil fuels, dictatorship, organized religion, poverty, homelessness, selfishness, irresponsible escapism, uncontrollable technological progress, info glut, privatization, individualism, separation/loneliness, intentional violence, artificial scarcity, wastefulness, debt etc.) is coming to an end.

This is exhausting yet also encouraging. I wonder how the 2020s and 30s will look/feel like given all of this change

Thanks for posting..


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Looks really good. Thanks, I will definitely watch it. The information these activists and doctors share helps keep shore up the knowledge. Important when discussing  veganism with others.


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